Website applications, mobile apps, and more in York, PA

StudioZig does extensive research on design patterns and useful design solutions in modern web applications.

At StudioZig Interactive we provide the best customer experience to our clients. There are more and more applications these days are migrating to the web and mobile apps. Without platform constraints or installation requirements, the software-as-a-service model looks very attractive. Website application interface design is, at its core, Web design; however, its focus is mainly on function. To compete with desktop applications, Web apps must offer simple, intuitive and responsive user interfaces that let their users get things done with less effort and time.

Larry Burns Design

StudioZig interactive worked with one of the top interior designers in Lancaster PA. Larry Burns reached out to StudioZig to help him design and develop his web site.

Select Medical

StudioZig was hired to consult on a number of projects. We worked with their internal development team to design internal applications, mobile site, and hospital sites.

Make My Cake

StudioZig Interactive worked with Bunting Group on this project. We worked on the user interface, the look & feel and some flash development. This was a fun project and turned out well.