Website information design and info architecture design in York, PA

Who, what, why, of webdesing

StudioZig realizes that well executed planning can not only help a project but also produce a far better product. Identifying your users, their needs and their behaviors lends to decisions that are founded in knowledge, rather than assumption, and produce far more usability gains than bigger buttons and simplifying complex processes.

We offer a full host of Information Architecture services to our clients, including but not limited to: Defining user personas
Logic flows and data structure
User testing
Detailed site maps
Static and interactive wireframes

Larry Burns Design

StudioZig interactive worked with one of the top interior designers in Lancaster PA. Larry Burns reached out to StudioZig to help him design and develop his web site.

Select Medical

StudioZig was hired to consult on a number of projects. We worked with their internal development team to design internal applications, mobile site, and hospital sites.

Make My Cake

StudioZig Interactive worked with Bunting Group on this project. We worked on the user interface, the look & feel and some flash development. This was a fun project and turned out well.